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An english opinion about Coredo:


Moving on, let’s talk about pop-art. So there’s an artists in town who’s from Italy. His name is Coredo and he’s a pop-artist. He’s currently doing a one-of-a-kind exhibit in a wine house boutique in Moscow. His choice of venue says a lot about his character and eccentric nature. He usually creates large-scale works which focus on images from Italian and international films. He’s known for using vibrant colors and recognizable characters from the world of cinema. In this particular exhibit he features actors such as Penelope Cruz and Sylvester Stalone. Wine mixed with a bit of art? Doesn't sound too bad, don’t you think? Well I liked the idea so I went to have a look. As soon as I entered the Kaudal Wine boutique, I felt that I was in someone’s home. It’s very cozy, full of wine bottle of course. It has two floors. There are wine glasses placed on tables all over the boutique in case visitors want to have a tasting session. That’s a good idea, get people drinking and then they might be more eager to buy a painting or two by the end of the night. I’m joking of course. The combination of wine and art is actually very nice. Now let’s talk about the exhibition. At first I felt that it was secondary to the art. It’s just that when you go to an art exhibition, usually it’s a big white room and there’s nothing but the paintings. But here the paintings were surrounded by wine so your eye didn’t really know where to look. But once you got settled in, it was fine. And if you asked me now to remember any of the wine bottles I couldn’t tell you anything, whereas I remember all the paintings. All of them except for two were of recognizable artists or movie stars in their character. You had Lady Gaga, Rocky Balboa from Rocky and Tony Montana from Scarface just to name a few. There was one painting in particular that stood out because it was unlike any of his work. It’s called the Russian cat and it doesn’t feature any of his usual color palette. Coredo seems to love the red, yellow and blue colors. They’re present in almost every single painting. This is what he says about his work.

“I love the part that women and men desperately try to hide. Re-shuffling traditional values is a symptom of freedom. The more visually destructive a painting is, the freer I feel. This explains the consistent presence of heavy strokes of black that surround the figures, together with the choice of strong colors without half tones. I am Coredo… and I always am.
If you’re a bit confused about what he means and what he’s trying to say with his work… I came across a review by an Italian expert on visual communication and non-verbal language.

She says his draws inspiration from comics and sees reality as a versatile comic where you lose dimension of time and zoom in on emotional feelings. His paintings feature characters stopped in time of extreme anger, grief, fear anxiety or desire. The universal values are conveyed through powerful colors and the immediacy of the message, is the language of comics. He manages to transform art into art.

I was curious how much these paintings go for. I was told the cheapest is about 51 000 Rubles which is 1600 dollars and the most expensive is the one of Audrey Hepburn and that’s about 340 000 Rubles, that’s 11 000 dollars. All in all a very interesting experience. I would definitely check it out if I were you.

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